Thrifty Thursday: Household Cleaning with Vinegar

This is an absolutely gorgeous day ,especially considering it’s the 2nd of February! This is a date that usually means cold, snow and misery for me. Can you tell I despise like winter alot? But today is a warm(ish) day and I am loving it! I have the window open behind the sink while I do dishes and the breeze may be a bit chilly, but I am just thrilled to be able to air out the house while I work. It’s the little things, folks, it’s the little things!

You are wondering what that has to do with using vinegar to clean,aren’t you? When I clean I like to use the most natural cleaning products that I can and also the most cost effective. That means vinegar is a natural girl’s best friend! There are so many things that I use vinegar for around our house, from the bathrooms to the kitchen and alot in between. The best part is that it really is natural. I  mean, you can drink the stuff if you have  a strong gag reflex. Sometimes I do, actually. So many cleaning products are advertised as natural but really aren’t. Read your labels and you will see what I am talking about! Vinegar also costs pennies on the dollar when you compare it to the cleaning products sold in stores. Even the nice organic cleaners(some of which I really love) don’t win this contest because of their hefty price tag.

So, where and how  do I use vinegar?

The bathroom: Pour some in the toilet while you clean the rest of the room. Let it soak, brush and flush. It actually works better on hard water deposits than alot of the fancy schmancy brands that I used to rely on.  Put a little vinegar on a rag and wipe down the sink and faucets. Plug the drain and let it soak a few minutes to clean that lime scale right off. The same goes for the shower and the streaks that can appear there. We have really hard water, so that is my main battle when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. To clean the mirrors, just fill a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water. Spritz the mirror and wipe with paper towels or a soft cloth. Spotless. :-)

The Kitchen: The same as I mentioned above , the sink. I spray the drains and sink plugs, around the faucets where buildup tends to appear and then I let it soak. Then I use a 3M type scratcher pag/sponge to scrub and rinse with the sink sprayer. It does a really nice job. I clean the stove top with the vinegar and water solution to0-spray,soak,wipe. Pretty much anything will loosen up if you spray it with vinegar and give it a few minutes to work. The acid in the vinegar and the enzymes do a great job of powering through grime. I even clean my hard surface floors (tile, laminate, hardwood) with vinegar and water. Countertops get sparkling clean when you spray and wipe with the vinegar/water bottle. The inside of the microwave can be tough to clean, but if you fill a mug with water and 2 T. of vinegar, microwave for 1 minute and let sit for 3 minutes it will wipe right off. You can run white vinegar through the coffeepot to clean out the inside. You will be surprised how dirty that looks after it runs through! Just be sure to run a pot of plain water before you make more coffee. One more use for the kitchen is to pour about 1/4 c. of white vinegar into your dishwasher when you run it. It keeps those nasty water spots from forming and helps the rinse cycle to work more efficiently without leaving a chemical residue for you to ingest.

The Laundry Room: Pour a little vinegar into your washing machine (1/4 cup) to disinfect a load of towels or sheets…some people use it for all of their laundry but I prefer not to. The smell of the vinegar does go away after you dry the laundry, but it’s still a bit hard for me to accept. :-)

There are so many more uses for vinegar that I am sure I have missed quite a few! These are the ones that I personally implement…what about you? Leave a comment if you can so that we can all share and help each other! Now off I go and back to my “spring” cleaning!


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3 Responses to Thrifty Thursday: Household Cleaning with Vinegar

  1. Arlene says:

    Great tips – I am going to try the toilet one – never heard of that. I am trying “no poo” (no shampoo or conditioner). Wash hair with diluted baking soda and rinse with diluted vinegar – I’m 3 weeks in and pleased with the results so far! You don’t smell the vinegar at all once your hair is dry (I rinse it out too). Also great for getting rid of odors in the house – put some white vinegar in a saucepan and boil it for awhile. When the vinegar smell dissipates, it takes bad odors with it. I learned this when I boiled some eggs for 2 hrs. once (we forgot they were on the stove and left the house) came home to eggs exploded all over the kitchen and a smoke-filled house that smelled TERRIBLE for days. Someone suggested the vinegar trick and it really worked!

    • admin says:

      Thanks! We have used it for a lot of things, but I have never tried it on my hair. I have heard that it works really well, though. I would love to try it but I’m a little unsure of how it would work. I would be interested to hear how it goes as you continue with it. I have heard that your hair goes through stages and then it gets balanced and works really well?

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