Printable Easter Place Cards

Easter is just a few days away! Are you having a big dinner with family? I have always wanted to set a traditional Easter table with the fancy little name cards, egg cups, cloth napkins, and the whole setting! However, with little kids, paper plates and napkins keep me sane make much more sense. That doesn’t mean I can’t dress up our place settings, though! I designed these easy print-and-fold place cards to add some simple flair to the Easter table.

To make your place cards:

Just print the page on cardstock or heavy paperĀ  by clicking HERE or on the image above. Then cut along the lines of the 3 large rectangles. Then fold on the horizontal lines and glue or tape the bottom 2 flaps over each other to make a triangular standing place card. You can write the name of each family member or guest on the card with a pretty pen. Each page prints 3 place cards. You can also print the matching cupcake toppers found in an earlier post by clicking HERE.

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